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ICC (PVT) LIMITED ( Established in Year 1958 )

This is the largest company in its field in Pakistan and is engaged in engineering and turnkey construction of large-scale electrical and mechanical projects. The company has played a vital role in the country’s economy by constructing a major portion of Pakistan’s electrical network. ICC specializes in turnkey contracts of High Voltage Transmission lines, Substations, Power Stations, Communication Systems and Mechanical Installations. It has long standing business relations with various International Companies of repute.
ICC ( Pvt. ) Ltd. belongs to one of the reputed technically oriented, multi discipline group of companies engaged in Engineering; Manufacturing and large scale Electrical, Mechanical and Civil Construction fields in Pakistan. The first company was established in 1931 and presently the following group companies are playing a leading role in their respective fields. Even though the companies are functionally independent with separate balance sheets they have an almost similar equity structure and a common Board of Directors.

The Imperial Electric Company (Pvt) Limited
ICC Textiles Limited
Emco Industries Limited
Arabian Electrical Transmission Line Construction Co.

ICC (Pvt) Limited, formerly known as Imperial Construction Company has played a vital and active role in trying to achieve the objective of self sufficiency in electrical technology in Pakistan. Over the last six decades, ICC has worked side by side with WAPDA, NTDC, K-Electric and has made a major contribution towards the construction of High Voltage Transmission Network, Sub-Stations and Power Stations in the country. It is proud of the reputation earned in this period which is reflected through a dynamic list of achievements in the field of Electrical and Mechanical Construction.
ICC was established in 1958 and at that time it was the first Pakistani Company to undertake turnkey projects for construction of Transmission Lines in the country. ICC has done pioneering work in the field of Transmission Lines and High Voltage Transmission Line stretching almost over the entire terrain of Pakistan. It specialises in the Design, Furnishing of materials, Erection, Testing and Commissioning of a complete Transmission Line System. Over 12,000 Km of Distribution and Transmission Lines ranging from 11 KV to 500 KV have been constructed to date. One great achievement in the process has been the acquisition of technical know-how and self reliance thereby eliminating participation of foreign companies in transmission line construction in Pakistan.
Construction of Transmission Line is of course only one dimension of ICC’s varied scope of activities. ICC also specialises in design and construction of HV and EHV Sub-Stations, Mechanical Erection of Power Stations, Process Equipment and Communication Systems.
ICC is the only Pakistani Company engaged in the design, supply of materials erection, testing and commissioning of HV and EHV Sub-stations operating in the domestic market. It has been a major contributor to the development undertaken by WAPDA in this field. WAPDA realising ICC’s technical expertise awarded the construction of the first 500 KV Sub-station in Pakistan to ICC at Tarbela in 1977.
ICC has created a separate division to work on large projects involving Mechanical Erection of Hydel and Thermal Power Stations, Process Equipment and Pipelines. For the first time in Pakistan a Pakistani company, ICC, was awarded the project as Main Contractor to construct a complete Thermal Power Station by Pakistan Steel Mills, Karachi. The project involved Mechanical Erection of Three Turbo Generators of 55 MW each, along with four Boilers, Water Chemical Treatment Plant, Oil Facilities, Refractory Work and Control Equipment. Pakistan Steel also awarded to ICC many contracts for Mechanical/Electrical works totaling 30,000 tons for various complexes at the Steel Mills. Subsequently, ICC was involved in Mechanical Installation (3x210) Thermal Power set up at Muzaffargarh & 4 units of (4x323 MW) for HUBCO and later on 412 MW Rousch Power Plant.
ICC was also engaged in the Mechanical Erection of Hydel Turbines, Generators, Control and Power Cables for Mangla Units 7 &8 of 125 MVA each. It was also the turnkey contract for design, supply, erection, testing and commissioning of the entire Medium and High Voltage Switchgear for the above units. ICC also completed complete stator erection of 432 MW generator stator for Tarbela hydel power station units 11-14. ICC was also responsible for the design and supply of control and protection of the 432MW turbines and generators at Tarbela units 11-14.
ICC completed a WAPDA/USAID project for survey, mapping and data-base development of Distribution Feeders of WAPDA system. The project involved designing a complex system of software and hardware and includes computerised data acquisition.
ICC also has a Civil Construction Division which is capable of construction of Buildings for Housing, Offices, Shopping, Storage etc along with their complete infra structure.
ICC is also registered with Pakistan Engineering Council as a “NO LIMIT CONTRACTOR”.
ICC has certification of ISO 9001:2008 in the field of Design, Supply, Project Management and Construction of HV and EHV Transmission Lines and Substation.






THE IMPERIAL ELECTRIC COMPANY (Pvt) LIMITED ( Established in Year 1931 )

The parent company of the group was founded in 1931 and is engaged in supply of Power Generation, Transmission Lines, Substations, Distribution and Industrial Power Equipment. It represents the world’s most renowned manufacturers in the related field such as Saft of France, Alcoa, Foster Wheeler and Copperweld of USA, Thorn and Puma of UK.


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EMCO INDUSTRIES LIMITED ( Established in Year 1954 )

EMCO is a manufacturing concern and specializes in all types and sizes of High and Low Voltage Porcelain Insulators and other Porcelain Products. 132kV Surge Arresters and Disconnectors is yet another product of EMCO. The technology for the manufacture of insulators was obtained from NGK of Japan. In addition to meeting Pakistan’s entire demand for insulators it also exports insulators to various countries in Asia, Africa and Middle East.EMCO has also diversified into the manufacture of Ceramic Wall Tiles for consumer market. The tile division presently enjoys more than 35% of the market share in Pakistan and moreover it has exported tiles in African countries and the United States.


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AETCON ( Established in Year 1998 )

Arabian Electrical Transmission Line Construction Co. Ltd., (Aetcon) is a 50/50 joint venture of Tamimi Group of Saudi Arabia and ICC (Pvt) Ltd., Pakistan. This company was founded in 1998 to handle engineering and turnkey construction of large-scale electrical and mechanical projects in the Middle East region and specially the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. During a short span of time Aetcon has developed its name as one of the Leading Companies in Saudi Arabia for construction of high voltage of transmission lines and sub-stations.






ICC TEXTILES LIMITED ( Established in Year 1990 )

ICC Textiles Limited is just another example of the group’s endeavor to achieve excellence. The modern Weaving Plant is located in the vicinity of Lahore and is producing premium quality Grey Fabric, primarily for the export market. The plant is based on the renowned weaving technologies supplied by Toyota Corporation Japan and Sulzer Textile of Switzerland and is backed by latest technologies in the associated areas. The plant has an annual capacity to produce 40 Million Sq. Meters of Grey Fabrics based on middle range cotton and polyester cotton blends. The product range includes Corduroys, Drills, Twills, Satins, Poplins, Oxfords, Percales, Cords, Piques, Satin bands, Satin stripes, Cross Hatch, Dobby Designs for home furnishing & garments and Sheeting’s of various construction and widths, in 100% cotton, cotton/lycra, cotton/viscose and polyester/cotton blends.The plant is equipped with 172 most modern Weaving Machines. These machines provide an unprecedented standard of versatility, productivity and technological perfection. The looms ideally blends established mechanics and advanced electronics.




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